Congratulations, 2022 Big Bang! Finalists

Quick Summary

  • Meet the 16 finalist teams in the 22nd annual UC Davis Big Bang! Business Competition
  • Teams represent four University of California campuses, University of Southern California and Cal Poly
  • RSVP to attend the Big Bang! Awards Ceremony on May 26

Congratulations, 2022 Big Bang! Finalists

Our 22nd annual business competition drew students and alumni from across UC Davis, as well as from colleges and universities throughout California. 

Meet our 16 finalist teams, which will vie for $90,000 in prizes. We'll announce the winners at the Awards Ceremony on May 26. 

Four teams—noted with an asterisk following their name—have also participated in the Little Bang! Pitch + Poster Poster Competition, applying what they learned in this entry-level event to progress in the Big Bang!

Beat Medical*

Mini-Pitch: A breathing tube holder that improves safety for ventilated patients.
Team Lead: Kalie Marland | Biological Sciences Major | UC Davis


Mini-Pitch: Vegan, no-sugar milk tea with creative cooking and cultural foods, all packaged in the world's first low-income friendly microfranchise. 
Team Lead: Leo Liu | Ph.D, Biochemistry and Synthetic Biochemistry, 2022 | UCLA


Mini-Pitch: Building better teams with data science, social networks and coaching.
Team Lead: Peter Frederick | History | UCLA

Dairy FIT

Mini-Pitch: Empowering farmers with artificial intelligence, not replacing them
Team Lead: Catie Mcvey | Ph.D. Candidate, Animal Biology | UC Davis

HyGenius Inc.

Mini-Pitch: Decreasing infection spread via proactive hygiene management.
Team Lead: Sam Skinner | B.S., Management Sciences and Quantative Methods, 2019 | UC Davis


Mini-Pitch: Discuss legal information and connect with representation.
Team Lead: Cameron Gallad | B.A. Communication, 2021 | UC Davis 


Mini-Pitch: Finding middle ground between speculators and homebuyers.
Team Lead: Divya Menon | MBA, 2022 | UCLA


Mini-Pitch: Circular-use, deposit system for to-go cups, reducing single-use cup waste.
Team Lead: Chantal Deslauriers | B.A., Communication and Art History, 2022 | UC Davis


Mini-Pitch: Easily create a garden with our setup and maintenance platform.
Team Lead: Shawn Patel | B.S., Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, 2022 | UC Berkeley

Storx Technologies

Mini-Pitch: Transabdominal Fetal Pulse Oximetry device measures fetal well-being.
Team Co-Leads: Regina Hoang | MBA Student and Keller Pathway Fellow | UC Davis  |||  Kourosh Vali | Ph.D Candidate, Computer Engineering, 2022 and Keller Pathway Fellow | UC Davis


Mini-Pitch: Tresole unifies shoes with technology for the best customer experience. 
Team Lead: Michael Owolabi | MBA Student | UC Davis  |||  Financial Analyst | PG&E

Unii Learning Labs

Mini-Pitch: Unii Learning Labs, where play + adventure = language learning fun. 
Team Lead: Maria Teresa Carmier | Student, Master of Innovation and Entrepreneurship | UC Irvine


Mini-Pitch: A student/sustainability–first collegiate platform for the reselling of collegiate goods.
Team Lead: Patricia Garcia | M.S., Product Development Engineering, 2022 | University of Southern California


Mini-Pitch: A social commerce marketplace where Gen-z and Millennials shop, sell and experiment based on aesthetics.
Team Lead: Sania Fadai | Managerial Economics Major, Tech Management Minor | UC Davis

Waterman & Co. LLC

Mini-Pitch: Building equity and capacity for restorative food justice by linking knowledge with need.
Team Lead: Carrie Waterman | Plant Researcher, Institute for Global Nutrition | UC Davis

Zoetic Motion

Mini-Pitch: Giving physical therapy patients the power to heal at home.
Team Lead: Zeeshan Khan | M.S., Computer Science, 2022 | Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo