UC Davis wall with student shadow and "Aggies" painted on it


Innovate your future—and help build a better world. 

The world faces tremendous challenges, from climate change to water, poverty, and health and nutrition issues. Our programs help you turn your research and ideas into real-world solutions.

Our programs will help you:

  • Grow your entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Build the networks, knowledge and tools to communicate the value of your work.
  • Explore commercialization strategies.
  • Connect with industry partners.
  • Design research programs that address and align with practical applications.​​​​​​
  • Launch your entrepreneurial journey.
  • Travel your best path to career success in whatever arena or industry you choose.

The institute serves as a springboard for innovations developed in university and National Labs research programs. Our programs bridge academic disciplines, bringing together graduate students and researchers in STEM, the social sciences and the humanities with faculty, MBA students, UC Davis undergraduates, experienced entrepreneurs, investors and corporate leaders.

Our cross-disciplinary approach combines the latest research and teaching on innovation and entrepreneurship. We understand that the network is the key, and we focus on understanding and building critical partnerships and connections. You'll build both the skill set and confidence necessary for a career as an entrepreneur—or as an intrepreneur in industry.

We are dedicated to helping Aggie innovators bring to market critical solutions in agriculture, veterinary medicine, human medicine, biology, engineering and other UC Davis fields of excellence.